Poco General FAQ - Advanced techniques for finding messages

Q: I'd like to more complex message searching abilities in Poco.
Poco 3 contains an enhanced search mechanism. For example, you can now specify up to 3 different search parameters.

You can use the existing "Search Messages" function to run some fairly complex searches. For example you can use the "Search Messages" function several times in succession. For example to search for all messages in a particular mailbox that contain either one of two phrases then:
  1. Clear all messages the "Found" mailbox.
  2. Run the "Search Messages" for the first phrase.
  3. Run it again for the second phrase.
To find all messages that have both phrase 1 and phrase 2 change step 3 above to search the messages in the "Found" mailbox into "Found 1".

You can use these techniques in conjunction to achieve a fair amount (although not perfect) searching flexibility. The "TagAnnotatedMessages" script I wrote also demonstrates another method for doing this. You could even combine the technique used there with a filter to tag all messages sent or received before or after a certain date and then use the "Show Only" bar to issolate the messages you want to look at.

If these techniques do not provide sufficient flexibility then you might consider the "Mailbag Assistant" from Folkes Software.

I don't use this tool so I don't know how well it works but it's supposed to provide extended search capabilities. From their webpage:

"The powerful search tools provide both easy-to-use wizards and advanced features like Boolean operators with multiple criteria. In addition to searching for exact matches in your e-mails, Mailbag Assistant lets you search for approximate and Soundex (sound-based) matches. These flexible tools make it simple to define, group and find relevant messages quickly and accurately."