Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Advanced Techniques for Dealing with Junk Mail using Poco

Q: I receive in the neighborhood of about 1000 every day, though most of it trash, junk and spam. How can Poco help me deal with them?
Here's where some of Poco's features come in handy for me. I use the builtin junk mail filtering (I do regularly update the list of words in the body that are used in determining the junk mail level). I've also added a number of filters that detect and seed the junk mail score based on other conditions not currently used by Poco's junk mail filters. Using this I've been running at 98.5% detection (1.5% false negatives) with only 1 false positive on almost 3000 spam messages over the past 30 days.

One facility that I find handy here is to turn off the preview pane for the junk mail box. I simply sort the messages by sender (and sometimes a second time by subject), scan them to ensure there are no false positives and then use the Empty Junk Mail feature to discard them. Another thing I've done is to turn off notification for messages in the junk mail folder. I also run a timed event that checks to see if there are any messages in the junk mail folder and alert myself to check them when there are any. I only run this once every few hours so I'm not constantly interrupted by junk mail.