Poco General FAQ - American or British Spell Check?

Q: I want to use the American spelling for words. I noticed that the American dictionary (AmerAdd) is only 4 kb while the British is 498. This seems impossible.
Poco 3 uses an upgraded version of the spell checking tool. Additional dictionaries can be downloaded from Addictive Software (the version 2 dictionaries do not work with Poco 3). The basic instructions for Poco 2 apply here as well. There is no AmerAdd dictionary for the Addict 3 dictionaries, simply download and enable the dictionary(ies) that you want to use.

The following is an edited version of the description of the "AmerAdd" dictionary from the Addictive Software website (Addictive Software are the makers of the spell check component used within Poco, the above link points to the dictionaries for their version 2 spell checker - this is the one that the 2.x versions of Poco use).

AmerAdd is the "American Add-On English Dictionary - [It] contains all the words in [the] American [dictionary] that are not in [the] English [dictionary] - [It] can be used with British.Dct to give both American & British Spelling options."

There is also an American dictionary available (American.dct). It will only give you the American spellings of words (it will consider words like "humour" to be spelled incorrectly). Thus, if you don't want the British spellings of words, download the American dictionary. Instructions for installing the dictionary can be found on the Poco website.

To enable both British and American spellings:

  1. Open a Compose window,
  2. Select "Configure Spelling..." from the "Message" menu,
  3. Click on the box beside "American Add-on v2"
  4. Press the "Ok" button.

A note for users of the British dictionary, an improved version is available.