Poco Composing FAQ - Automate addition of BCC header

Q: Is there any way to set one account only so that every time an email is sent from that account it always automatically sends a BCC to a particular address?
A a few ways I can think of doing this:
  1. Use a template with the BCC field filled in.

    Poco 3 : If you want to use this template automatically, you can select it as the default at the Account level or for specific people in your address book. Select your preferred template in the Templates tab when you set up accounts or addresses.

    Poco 2 : This won't work for replies unless you reply using a template and you will always have to use the "New message from template" command when starting a new message.

    (Note: If there are undocumented command tags that let you issue the "New message from template" and "Reply with template" commands then you could create a skin that would automate this functionality for the "New" and "Reply" buttons or add separate buttons for those tasks). I'm not sure if these tags exist.

  2. Another method would be to write a small script to run against outgoing mail. The script would simply add the appropriate "BCC:" header using the AddBCC command. Add the script to your outgoing message filter list via the "Add script" button and make sure you specify the account for which you want the script to run. Move the entry to the top of your outgoing filters to ensure no prior filter issues one of the terminal actions.

    To use the script in conjuction with conditions such as specific senders, domains, etc use the "Run script" action within a regular filter (do not use the "Add script" button as indicated above).

  3. You could use the same script but run it in one of Poco's events. This has the advantage that the email address is displayed in the compose window and you can change or remove it at your discretion. The disadvantages are that:
    1. To perform additional tests, such as only running the script for selected accounts, you'll have to modify the script rather than adding filter conditions.
    2. For Poco 2, it is more difficult to configure as there is no GUI interface for configuring event scripts within Poco.

    I've tested this with the "OnCompose" event but you will probably want to initiate it in response to several other events as well:

    • OnForwardAttEdit
    • OnForwardEdit
    • OnReplyAllEdit
    • OnReplyEdut

    Note: This script does not work attached to the "pre" edit versions of these events.