Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Adding both the subject and sender to the junk mail lists

Q: When junk mail gets passed the filter and isn't detected as junk, I typically press

Junk Mail Filtering -> Add Sender
Junk Mail Filtering -> Add Subject

It would be really nice to have

Junk Mail Filtering -> Add Sender & Subject

To save the 2 step process.

This can be done with a script (see below). Once written you can assign the script to a button on your toolbar.

Before you do this perhaps consider using Poco's ability to filter based on the contents of the message body. To do this you must filter after downloading the message. For more information on junk mail filtering see the "Junk Mail" section in the FAQ.

Create a new script and enter the following commands: (Warning, this is aircode (untested)).

ReadHeader $from "From:" %message 
Extract EMail $from 
ReadHeader $subject "Subject:" %message 
CharCount #len $subject 
Dec #len 
ChopString $subject #len 2 
AppendToFile True 
AddStrings $junkfile $mailpath "junksender.txt" 
SaveBody $EMail $junkfile 
Set $junkfile $mailpath 
AddStrings $junkfile "junksubject.txt" 
SaveBody $junkfile $subject