Poco Mail Composition FAQ - "Blind Send" : Hide Email Addresses when Sending Mail to Multiple Recipients

Q: I want to mail the same message to 100 people. I do not want them to see each others' addresses. At present I am mailing it to myself with them in the BCC field. But my problem is I want them all to think the mail was sent directly to them i.e. they are the "to" address.

Would it be possible to allow the same message to be sent to multiple To: addresses and have them all sent as separate messages, so that they all looked as if they were sent individually to each?

This would make for a "friendly" way to do this, instead of using BCC -- which takes away from the "personal" approach, and makes it look like a clandestine operation. BCC has a use (of course), but the above would be nice.

Is this possible with Poco?

There are several ways to accomplish a "Blind Send":
  1. As you said, you can use the "BCC" field to do this. If you want to do this from a script, use the AddBCC command.
  2. Download and use the "send_to_all_address_book" script (available from the Registered users' area on the Poco website). This sends separate copies of an email to all people in a particular address book. (If there are 10 people in an address book then 10 separate emails are generated by the script).
  3. Poco has a feature to split a multi-recipient message into several smaller batches of "n" addresses per batch. Setting "n" to 1 would achieve the results you are looking for. You may use message splitting as your global default or just for individual messages.
    • To set the global option, go to Options/Sending Mail and set "Split message if total recipients more than" to 1. If you set this value to 1 you effectively tell Poco to split all messages that you send to multiple recipients. The split message window is still displayed when you send the messages so you can use the "Don't split" button in those cases where you may not want to split a message (for example when you want other recipients to be able to use the "reply all" feature).
    • To use message splitting for just the current message, open the "Message" menu of the Compose window and select "Split message on Send/Queue." Then when you send the message select 1 for the number of recipients per message.
    Note: message splitting has the drawback of generating many messages for your mail server to send and saving a copy of each message generated in one of your Poco folders.