Poco Replying FAQ - Including my name in bounced messages

Q: In my past Eudora days, I often bounced ("redirected" in their terms) email. The program, rather wisely, inserted a line in the sender line, "redirected by My Name". That way the recepient got an unmarked email with the original senders address but knew it came from me and not the original sender.

Is there anyway PocoMail can do something like this?

I don't want recepients to think they are getting email frpm the original source and not from me.

There are at least two options, I'll go over the easiest first.

Inserting a header into the body of the message

This isn't exactly what you asked for but it does convey the information by inserting a header into the message body.
  1. Open the "Program Options" form by pressing F7.
  2. Press the "Message Text Quoting" tab.
  3. Select the "Bounced Header" tab.
  4. Check the "Insert header" box.
  5. Enter the text you want to insert, including any common variable tags.
  6. Press "Ok" to save the changes.
  7. Test your changes by bouncing a message (you don't actually have to send it, just examine the header).

Modifying the "From:" header

To modify the "From:" header you have to be a bit more creative...

In the bounce header area of the options set a phrase that will be unique to messages you bounce.

Then write a script to process outgoing messages. Run the script when the body contains the phrase "This message bounced to you by". In the script extract the body of the message and the full "From:" header. Delete the first line of the body and replace the body.

Change the "From:" header to include the phrase you want to use and replace it in the message.


  1. Use the "ExtractName" and "ExtractEMail" commands to easily parse the header).
  2. Read the full "From:" header as follows:
    ReadAllHeaders $hdrs "From:" %message 
    LocateLine #LineNo "From:" $hdrs 
    GetLine $From #LineNo $hdrs 
    ChopString $From 1 5 
    Trim $From