Poco General FAQ - Changing the print font size

Q: When I print messages they are printed in a very small size. I would like them to print in either font size 10 or 12 but cannot find where to change this. Can someone direct me to where I can change this?
To change this you have to edit the Print Template (File | Edit Print Template). Highlight the item you want to changet the size of (for example %body%) and then to choose the font, size and other settings (bold or italic). Save changes.

Make sure to select the %body% tag first (including both % signs), then apply the size and save the template. You can also use the default template, then edit it again, just in case the template you are using became corrupt in some way.

(Note: One user reported the settings didn't take until they had shutdown and restarted Poco, this isn't my experience but if you are experiencing problems this is worth a try).