Poco General FAQ - Clearing the Found mailbox

Q: I would be grateful if someone could tell me how I go about clearing the contents of the Found folder so I can start with an empty one on subsequent searches.
The mailbox where the search results are placed has been renamed to "Search". It now contains links to the actual messages rather than copies of them. This has some benefits and one possible drawback, these are listed in the document listing the differences in searching between Poco 2 and Poco 3.

As of Poco 2.61 you can delete the messages in the Found mailbox by selecting "Empty Found Mailbox" from the "Mailbox" menu. In addition an "Empty mailbox before search" checkbox has been added to the "Search Messages" form.

Whilst it is true that any emails that the Search function places in the Found folder are just copies of the original messages, there is one side effect when dealing with attachments insofar as if you delete an email in the found folder AND you have asked Folder to confirm if you want to delete detached attachments AND you confirm the deletion then the original messages will be effected and they will loose their associated attachments.

Use the following to clear the found mailbox:

  1. Ctrl A
  2. Ctrl Shift Del
  3. Answer "No to all" if prompted as to whether or not to delete attachments.