Poco Composing FAQ - Creating a template with a company logo

Q: I want to create a template with my Company's logo and letterhead.

I want to store it in PocoMail, to call it up whenever I need to use it.

Can this be done?

Yes, this can be done, follow the steps below to create a "company" template:
  1. Open a new compose window.
  2. Press the "Styled" button on the toolbar.
  3. Position the cursor in the message area.
  4. Select "Image..." from the "Insert" menu.
  5. Navigate and select your company's logo.
  6. Add the other elements you want to the top of the message. You can also include common variable tags for a limited amount of customizable information.
  7. Save the message as a template by choosing "Save as template..." from the compose window's "File" menu.
Now, when you want to compose a new message from your company choose "New message from template..." from the "Message" menu of the compose window.

Note: The template is stored in your templates folder as plain text. This template will include html format codes that you can modify to support some things not avaiable from the poco styled message toolbar. I have not tested to see if these options are overriden when you use the template (the one I tested - removing borders from a table - wasn't).