Poco Address FAQ - Configuring the Address Popup Window

Q: Is there a way to show the nickname in the Address pop-up display (i.e., when you click on the To: button on a new message) instead of the full user name? I have several users entered into my address book that have multiple email addresses (for example, I have two entries for my wife... her work email address and her personal email address). Currently, when I click on her name in the pop-up window I have to remember that the first entry is her work email address and the second is her personal address.

I would like for the nickname to show up in the pop-up window for easier choosing (e.g., Wife@Work). However, I would also like the email address to "expand" on the To: line as "wife's real name " and not "Wife @ Work ".

The address popup window uses the same settings as the address pane. To configure the address pane display right click in the pane and select the appropriate options from the "View" menu. You can configure what information is displayed and how many lines are used. The "Sort" context (right click) menu item allows you to control the order in which the entries are displayed.

The address popup window will use whatever view setting is set for the Address List (F6); to change the Address List view setting, just right click on it and go to View menu and select By Nick.