Poco Composing FAQ - Configuring Spell Checking

Q: My new paid version of P2.5 does not spell check outgoing messages, a window is saying that:

"a main dictionary has yet to be set for this configuration":

The files Poco/british.dict & adspell.help exist in my Poco folder.

What's going on here, what am I missing in the setup procedure?

From the "Tools" menu select "Configure spelling...", check the dictionaries you want to use. Select the options you want in the "Options" section. Press "Ok" when you are done.

To configure spell checking open a compose window and select "Configure spelling" from the "Message" menu. Select the dictionary(ies) you want (or add them via the "Add" button). Also set any options you want via the "Options" tab. Press "Ok" when you are done.

Note: Hans, who asked this question, followed up with the following comment:

That did it after deleting existing choices and re-installing.