Poco Reading FAQ - Dragging a message to a mailbox

Q: I often drag a message from the Inbox message index pane and drop it onto a mailbox in the left pane. No big deal there--that's what mailboxes are for.

However, I have so many mailboxes and folders that you can't see them all without scrolling the mailboxes window up and down.

So when I'm dragging a message to a mailbox that's scrolled off the "bottom" of the mailboxes window, I have to abandon the drag, go over to scroll the destination mailbox back up into view, then re-drag.

It would be neat if the mailboxes window would scroll "up" to display the hidden ones when I drag below the bottom edge of the mailboxes window.

Poco already does this, simply hold the mouse at the bottom (or top) of the mailbox pane and, after a short delay, Poco will scroll the list automatically. If you need to put the message into a mailbox that is nested within a folder hold the mouse over the folder for a few seconds and then Poco will automatically open the folder. Repeat for nested folders if ncessary.

Note: You can also temporarily hide the address list pane by pressing F6. This will expand the mailbox index pane possibly allowing you to see the mailbox you want to move the message to. You must do this before you start the drag operation. Pressing F6 again after moving the message will restore the address list pane.