Poco Filter FAQ - Filtering both incoming and outgoing messages

Q: A previous email program I used allowed me to set up a filter to a folder based on the From/To field - which I used regularly to filter incoming and outgoing mail with the same parties to a separate folder. Poco at best seems to only allow me to copy a filter to outgoing as well as incoming, and then I have to change the 'From' to a 'To' to achieve what I want. Is there a quick way to do this?
You don't have to copy the filter from incoming to outgoing and then change the filter. Poco has an option that will automatically create both filters for you. To configure this:
  1. Open the "Options" form (press Shift+F7),
  2. Press the "Drag & Drop Settings" item under "General Options",
  3. Make sure the "Auto create a filter that will" box is checked
  4. Check both the checkboxes under the "Also, make sure the newly created filter is run on".
If both are selected and you create a filter by dragging a name from the address book then filters will be created for both incoming and outgoing messages. This does not apply to the "Quick filter" methods described below.

You may not know that you can drag an address from your address book to a mailbox in the mailbox pane. This will automatically create a filter for you. Another quick method of creating a filter is to right click on the from address in the header of the message preview pane or in the mailbox index and select "Quick filter". Change and details as necessary this will create a filter that will act on incoming messages. You will have to copy the filter to the Outgoing messages to have it act there as well.

To create a filter for an address on a message you have sent display the abbreviated headers. Right click on the "From:" and follow the steps outlined above.

To create a filter on a subject right click on the subject in the mailbox index and select "Quick Filter for ...".