Poco Filter FAQ - Filtering based on attachment type

Q: is it possible to create filters based on attachment presence, name, extension etc. ? Like to move all emails having a .zip attachment in one folder, emails with .rar attachment in another, auto-delete if there is a bat/pif/exe/scr attachment etc.
If you are decoding attachments when receiving new messages (the "When receiving attachments, leave attachments encoded inside the message" box on the "Encoding Options" page of the "Program Options" form is not checked) then you can do this by entering "X-Poco-Attachment:" in the "Search" box of a filter and entering the extenion, including the leading dot, in the "for" box.


  1. This filter will not work in the pre-download section, it must be in the incoming section. The "X-Poco-Attachment:" header is something Poco adds as the messages are downloaded.
  2. Be careful of the order in which you execute the filters, a message can have multple attachments.
  3. To filter simply for the presence of attachments search for a dot (.).