Poco Filter FAQ - Order of Actions

Q:I have a multi-action filter but some of the actions aren't working. What have I done wrong?
The order of some actions is critical. Some actions will stop subsequent actions and filters later in the processing order from acting on the message. The actions which will stop subsequent actions are:
  • deleting the message,
  • moving the message to a folder (copying does not affect this),
  • stop processing.
To solve this problem change the order of the actions so that the terminal actions are performed as the last action in the filter. Subsequent filters and/or scripts will still be bypassed, the solution to this problem is to change the order in which the filters/scripts are defined.

Note: Scripts that delete or move messages have the same effect in that they will cause subsequent filters and/or script to skip the message. Commands executed after the delete or move command within the script will still be executed.