Poco General FAQ - Difference between folders and mailboxes

Q: I'd like to have nesting folders for my mail, like in Netscape.

What is the difference between a mailbox and folder? How do they function differently? Can you nest one or any inside another?

In Poco 2, folders could contain mailboxes, but not messages. That's changed in Poco 3. In Poco 3, folders may contain mailboxes and messages. Creating a submailbox within a mailbox in PocoMail 3.0 will automatically convert the mailbox into a folder. The parent mailbox icon is changed to a folder icon.

I created several mailboxes. Mail goes into these mailboxes via a filter. Now it has dawned on me that what I really should have done is create sub mailboxes under the in box. Is there a way to just make a mailbox a submailbox under the in box and do I need to modify my filters?

OK, I know this sounds strange, but this is how it works in 3.0. Mailboxes don't accept new children unless they already have at least one child. So if you want to drag your mailboxes under the In box, here's what you need to do:
  1. Create a new sub-mailbox under the In box (via the right-click menu or the Mailbox menu).
  2. Once the In box has one mailbox under it, you can drag other mailboxes to it. No need to modify your filters; Poco will update them for you automatically (you'll get a confirmation!).
  3. If you don't need the first sub-mailbox you created, you can just delete it.

Folders can contain mailboxes or other folders, a mailbox can only contain mail (folders cannot contain mail themselves).

From the Poco help file:

You can nest mailboxes inside folders. Folders can contain only other mailboxes, they cannot contain messages.

For more information see the Poco online help or the Poco website.