Poco Forwarding Mail FAQ - Forwarding messages to other devices

Q:In Outlook Express, you can allow an email to be sent to a cell phone internet address when it is received at the local computer. Does PocoMail have this feature?
This can be done very easily with filters. Just create an incoming filter to determine which email(s) you want sent to your cell phone. Then as the action item, put "forward message to" and the email address of the cell phone. I haven't tried it, but it should work.

You may want to experiment with the "%sizeatmost% variable, since you do not want to send a 12mb email to your cell phone. You can setup a separate filter for such a case which will send a canned message instead.

User comment on this option:
With the state of cell phones today in the US, very little could be gleemed from forwarding the mail. I am by no means an expert on the scripting language, but I would think that you would want to cut out most of the header info. Cell phones are usually limited to a set number of characters.
Reply to comment:
I'm not sure how much of the header info you could cut out but by sending a new message rather than forwarding the one you received it will cut down on some of them.

As well, you can use the ReadBody command to read the body of the message. This will discard any html associated with styled messages which will help considerably. Then you can use the ChopString command to cut the message down to a reasonable size, for example to extract only the first 200 characters of a message use:

ReadBody $body %message 
CharCount #size %body 
ChopString $body 200 #size
Obviously you will have to leave poco running while you are away (PocoBot will not provide this functionality). One negative side effect of this is that if you receive messages at different times while you are away from your computer the "ViewMailStatus" report will only report the status for the last time messages are received.

For more information on this topic see the article on truncating and forwarding messages.