Poco Forwarding Mail FAQ - Forwarding messages including the full headers

Q:I frequently make Spamcop reports from spams I have received. Prior to my recent switch to Poco, I used Eudora. With Eudora I was able to reveal full headers, then choose forward and everything would appear in the new message,and be quoted, with nothing "altered" from the original message. However, when I do this in Poco, I don't get the full headers. What I've been doing to work around this is to use the Display Raw Message script, and then pasting it's results into a new message. However, I don't know how to then add "quote" marks to this text.

Can anyone help?

Try the following:
  1. Show the full headers for the message in the preview pane.
  2. Using the mouse select the headers and any portion of the message you want to include in the quote.
  3. Press the "Forward" button.