Poco Spell Checking FAQ - Ignoring original sender's words

Q: How do I tell Poco to only spellcheck what I've written, and to ignore what the original email writer wrote when I hit "reply" to their email? I've searched the FAQs and forum and don't see this answer out there, though I'm sure it's very simple to do!
From the Tools menu select "Configure Spelling" and then check the "Ignore quoted lines" checkbox.

Note: One user reported having to set this option as follows in order to get it to work: Even though I have it checked in the Tools, Configure spelling section, it doesn't work UNTIL you go to send an email and it tries to spell check. THEN you need to click on the "Options" button on the spellcheck screen, check the "ignore quoted lines" box, and THEN it works from that point on!

Start a new message and from the "Message" menu select "Configure Spelling". Press the "Options" tab and check the "Quoted Lines" checkbox.