Poco Signatures FAQ - Can I put my company logo in a signature?

Q: I would like to put my company logo into my signature. Is this possible? If so how do I do it?
It looks like you can put your company logo into your signature but there are restrictions:
  • You must use styled signatures and styled messages.
  • You must save the signature with formatting.
  • You must use a text editor to modify the signature to include the image.
  • You must disable the signature pane.
  • You may need to write a script to automatically attach the image to the outgoing message.
I haven't done exhaustive testing of this so I'm not certain what is necessary. My initial test indicated that poco does send the image link but not the image file itself. I was successful when I linked to an image on my website (Poco would only display this image when you toggle the "Download external images" setting on). I have not written a script to attempt to include the image file as an attachment in the message but when I included the image as a normal inline image it did show in both the message body and the signature so attaching it via a script will probably work.