Poco Reading FAQ - Indication of messages skipped due to size

Q:I have all my accounts set to skip messages over 10 kB. This is working great except that I get no indication that messages were skipped (at least no indication that I can find). I have tried setting a filter with %sizeatleast% 10 and then have that filter play a sound. I currently have 2 messages that are over 10 kB but I get no sounds. I have the filter in the pre-download tab. Is there a way to find out about these skipped messages without having to view mail on the server for each account?
Under tools, options, checking mail check the box that says "If message is skipped for large sizes still save headers" - it does exactly what it says - you just get the headers downloaded.
User reaction to answer:
I've gotten a couple new messages that are over my 10 kB limit and Poco tells me all about them now, in fact it's better than the other programs I've been using. The other programs just told me that there was an oversize message left on the server but Poco downloads the header so I can decide if I want to download the message at all.