Poco General FAQ - Using InvisiMail with Poco

Q: Does anyone know if it is possible to use INVISIMAIL with poco to send secure messages?

I understand that poco can encrypt messages, but only on the user's pc, not scrambling sent emails.

I need a good system to send/receive e-mail with a client/business locally who demands security (but not web based e-mail provider). They cannot use/setup PGP, too difficult for the user level at the firm.

Can someone please help us - is it possible to configure Poco/Invisimail to work well together? I understand it is a matter of configuring POP3?

My guess is that it's like the Norton Anti-Virus process. That is, it inserts a 'shim' layer for your email. You'll probably change your POP3 to "localhost" with user "user@server" and perhaps something similar for your SMTP server.

According to the manual, that's precisely what you do. (You'll see it in the "Installing" and then look for "Troubleshooting.")

Okay. I found a wholly free version (InvisiMail Lite); this is something of an insane way to set things up if you don't have a configured setup. It will work with Poco, but ...

You'll have to install this. Run the "Manager Suite" and then View|Full. After this, go to Local|Communication. There are four tabs: Server Connections, Local Connections, EasyMAP, and Static Routing. The one that you're after is Server Connections. Basically, you'll specify a localhost connection (127.x.x.x), an optional port, and the server to which it maps (and the port to which it maps). For example, if you normally check your mail on:

Add a proxy of " => pop3.foo.com:110", and " => mail.foo.com:25". Then, you'll change your Poco setup such that it refers to "" instead of "pop3.foo.com" and "mail.foo.com". You'll need to do this for all accounts/servers -- and use a different localhost for each server you touch (you can do what I did above for the POP/SMTP settings, but that's about it).