Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Customizing Poco's internal junk mail rules

Q: Is it possible to alter the valeus Poco uses in it's internal rules for evaluating junk mail?
Yes, if you create your own junkmail.ini (the *nix program "strings" will get you what you need, but you need to know what to get, and there are some garbage characters in the resulting setup, too), Poco will use that. I just changed my junkmail.ini so that banned subjects add 900 to the score, and it very well did what it should (total score was 901). The only bad thing is that Poco doesn't check for a modified junkmail.ini before checking mail and/or testing.

Poco 3 allows you to seed the junk mail score using filters. This provides the ability to add your own custom junk mail rules. A few examples of possible custom rules are provided below:
  • Styled message from an unknown sender
  • High priority message from an unmknown sender