Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Deleting Junk Mail

Q: Is there a plugin/script/option/etc where by 'specified' junk email gets deleted straight away, but 'suspected' junk email still goes into the Junk Email folder?
There are two scripts available for this (see below), but it is also pretty easy to write filters to do this. The filters can either execute against mail that is on the server (if you can determine you don't want to read the message simply by examining the headers) or it can run once the messages have been downloaded (known as on "Incoming messages"). An example of the former that I have is mail for a certain account that is not sent specifically to that account name is deleted from the server prior to downloading. I used to administer a website on a free server and either the outfit that administered the server released the contact addresses to spammers or some spammers figured out how to get into it. This technique greatly reduced the amount of spam I receive.
R: Response:
I have been thinking about this, I would think that the easiest way is to write a script that reads what is held in the banned text file (filename eludes me ATM), and delete those directly, and let everything else be handled as normal spam.
A: Reply to response:
Poco's junk mail filtering is more sophisticated than simply comparing entries with the banned text file (junkbody.txt). It is even more than using the junksender.txt and junksubject.txt. All the rules (plus some others) are applied to the message and a score is calculated. If the score exceeds your junk mail tolerance setting then the item is deemed junk. The junkbody.txt file can have entries with positive (the bad stuff) and negative (the good stuff) scores. There are, however, a couple of scripts that can be used.

Script Based Junk Mail Filtering

As I said above there are two scripts that come with Poco that will add this functionality for you. here is a script that comes with Poco that will do aexactly what you are wanting. The "Junk Messages from Sender" script will use your "JunkSenders.txt" file (the same one that Poco's junk mail filtering uses) and will move any messages from any sender or domain in that list directly to the trash. This script does not have one feature that is built into Poco's junk mail filtering, that being under the built in junk mail filtering a message from someone from a banned domain but whose address you have in one of your address books will not be considered junk mail.

The other script available with Poco is the "Junk Messages with Subject" script. It reads the "junksubject.txt" file (the one used by Poco's junk mail filtering uses) and moves any message with a subject in this list directly to the trash. Note however that poco's junk mail filters are far more sophisticated than these scripts (see the explanation in the "Reply to response" section above).