Poco Reading FAQ - Displaying the time a message was received

Q:I would be interested in being able to have my messages sorted by the time they are received at my end (in my time zone) rather than the time they were sent from various time zones around the world. Is this functionality available currently and if so, how does one implement it?
In Poco 3, just click on the Received column. If you don't see it in your message index, enable it in your column settings, either globally or for individual mailboxes.
    Globally: Options/Reading Mail/Index Options, Columns tab.
    Individual Mailboxes: right-click on the mailbox, select Mailbox Properties, Columns tab.

Poco adds a header called "Delivery-Date" to incoming messages. (It may be "X-Delivery-Date" -- check the headers to be sure.) You can customize the message index to add the header to your message index display. Sorting on that header will give you what you want.
This would require a script to run against the "Date:" header in order to convert the date/time from that header to your local time zone. The script would have to save the converted information as a new header in the message (eg "X-Date:"). You could then customize your message indexes to include this header and sort on it. I would recommend storing the date/time in the form "yyyymmdd hhmmss" (eg: 20010829 185150).

One complication I forsee with the script include having to deal with the switch to/from daylight savings time.