Poco Composing FAQ - Mailing lists and "=" characters at the end of lines

Q: I belong to a few mailing lists, and I always send in plain text. With my previous two e-mail clients, I never experienced a problem with my posts, however, with Pocomail, I do. I get a lot of = characters. I thought it had something to do with forced word wrap, as the = appears at about the 70th character. However, even after I removed the forced word wrap setting, the problem still occurs. Strangely enough, with my last mailing list posting, I sent myself a BCC of the message. When I received both copies (the one posted to the mailing list, and the one I BCC'd to myself), the BCC copy looked fine, but the mailing list copy was riddled with = signs. Is there any way to avoid this?
Lines in messages in Quoted Printable (QP) format MUST be wrapped after 76 characters. I suppose the mailing list software of the mailing list you belong to does not correctly handle messages in QP format. As a workaround, you could disable QP in PocoMail. I guess QP was disabled in your previous e-mail clients as well, and therefore you never experienced a problem with them.