Poco filter FAQ - Marking messages as read

Q: I must be missing something, but I haven't been able to find an action on a filter that will mark the message as read. Is there such an option in 2.62?
There isn't a native option but you can download the "MarkAsRead" script from the registered users area, it will do this for you.

The only way to get this to run against junk mail would be to use the "onAdd" event for the "Junk Mail" mailbox. For information on Poco's event handling see the article on event processing.

For Poco 2.6x, the lines you should add to the "junk mail.dat" are:


Note, this assumes you do not already have event enabled for your "junk mail" mailbox. If you do then simply add the second line. If you already have an "OnAdd_Scripts" entry as well then add the MarkAsRead script to the list (with a comma between the last script in the list and the MarkAsRead entry).

This technique will have the added effect of suppressing the dialog box alert (if configured in the Accounts form), sound alert (if configured) and mailbox highlighting.