Poco Junk Mail FAQ - Marking Junk Mail as Read

Q: I've been trying the filters to automatically forward spam to my trash can, but I was wondering is there a way to mark a message as being read before forwarding it to the trash can so that the unread message counter doesn't appear in the mailbox window for these spam messages.
Note: The following technique does not work with Poco's built in junk mail filtering, there is another article that explains how to do this.

Download the "MarkAsRead" script from the Poco registered users area and run that script in your filter (using the Run Script command). This must be done before moving the message to the trash. BTW: For pre Poco 2.61 the "Trash" mailbox will still be coloured with the new mail colour, I don't know of a way of removing the colour from a single mailbox without affecting the colour added to other mailboxes during the download.

The following question only applies to Poco 2.5 and earlier. Changes made in one of the early 2.6 versions address this issue.
Q2: I tried the script but as you said, it's no better than it was before since the trash can still gets highlighted. How can I change the colour so that it doesn't get highlighted?
A2: The only thing I can think of to overcome this is using the "RefreshMailboxes" command in a script. This may uncolour the mailboxes (I haven't tested that) but it can also have unwelcome consequences. If you receive 3 emails in the following order within a single "Check Mail" invocation and each is filtered to a separate mailbox:
  1. Good mail
  2. Mail to be trashed
  3. Good mail
Then the highlighting of the folder containing message 1 will be lost (but the unread message count will remain).