Poco Filter FAQ - Moving all non-filtered mail to a mailbox

Q:I have a few filters in place which put incoming email from specified addresses/domains/etc into their respective mailboxes. All that works fine, and is done from within the 'quickfilter' feature dialog.

But how would one go about putting *all other* (NOT otherwise filtered) remaining incoming email into a 'misc' mailbox to keep my in box clear?

Actually you don't have to use a filter at all to accomplish the putting all non-filtered mail into your "Misc" mailbox. To do this, first create a "Misc" mailbox. Then open "Accounts Setup" by pressing F3.

    Poco 3 : For each account, select the "Mailboxes" tab and set the In mailbox to "Misc."

    Poco 2 : Select the "Optional" tab and for each of your accounts set the "Destination mailbox" for "Incoming" mail to "Misc".

Another note regarding filters that people don't understand at first. There are three filter actions which cause subsequent filters not to be executed (this also applies to subsequent steps in the filter performing these actions). Those actions are:

  • Delete message
  • Move message to a mailbox
  • Stop processing
So you could also add a filter at the end of your current filters to move any unfiltered mail to your "Misc" mailbox. There is one reason why I didn't recommend this, any subsequent filters that you create will be added at the end of your current filter list so any time you added a filter in the future you would have to remember to open the filters window and move "unfiltered mail" filter to the end.