Poco Sending FAQ - Preventing Poco from saving sent mail

Q: Is there a way that I can stop Poco from keeping a copy of Sent items? I would prefer not to keep copies of all my e-mails but rather only those that I want.
You can easily create a filter in the outgoing mail section to move any mail from the sent mailbox to the trash. If you have multiple accounts, just create one for each account.

Then just go into options and under "General Options" check the box that says empty trash on exit and thats it!

Note:The above recipe will trash all the mail you send, it does not allow for keeping selected items. Use either of the following techniques to for selected saving of outgoing mail:

  1. If you want to keep mail based on the subject, recipient or other "filterable" criteria then create additional filters specifying the criteria you want. Make sure these are above the filter that trashes your outgoing mail (you can drag and drop the rules to re-order them).
  2. If you need to make decisions based on more complex criteria or want to prompt yourself for some (or all) mail then you will need to resort to a script.