Poco Replying FAQ - Only part of original message quoted when replying

Q: I was just replying to a message I had received. Only part of the message is being quoted. This happens repeatedly and I don't have any of the message text selected. What is going on?
Do you have the "don't quote sigdash formatted signature if present" setting turned on? It's on the "Message Text Quoting" page of the "Program Options" form. If you do and the message contains what Poco interprets as a signature part way through the message then any text following what Poco thinks is the signature will not be copied into the reply window. For example, I've seen this occur when the message I was quoting had a signature but it was in the middle of the message, that is, it was a reply to a message I'd sent and was in the form:


-- Signature of replying person

> My message
>-- My signature

You can solve this by canceling the reply, selecting the entire message and then re-issuing the reply command.

In Poco 3, you don't have to close the message. Instead, you can use a new feature called the QuoteBar to add text from the original message. Click here to learn more about the QuoteBar.