Poco Composing FAQ - Sending only in plain text

Q: I'm the sysadmin for a company with 100 employees and I just made the switch from Eudora to Poco. I myself have been happily using Poco for far longer. After the first morning of Poco use my users are screaming at me because they can't find an option to send and receive mail in plain text only, not HTML. Or at least, send mail in plain text only. One problem is that half of our employees use dumb terminals and PINE, the other problem is that many of the libraries and schools that make up the majority of our business also use non-HTML capable mail programs. This is causing quite a problem.

I read an earlier post about making a script to be added to all outgoing mail, but don't know much about that. It's easy to add downloaded scripts, but I'm not so good at writing them. My best authoring came with my "Hello World!" program written in C several years ago...

Another small problem, we found that after the switch to Poco some mail recipients can't receive messages sent from Poco. That is, they receive messages without a message body. What they receive is mail with a To, From, and Subject line with two attachments named Part.000 and Mime.882. But nothing in the message body. Odd.

To configure Poco to send messages in plain text only open the "Program Options" (F7), then select "Default Body Format" on the left hand side, select the "Always use this message format" radio button and select "Just Plain" as the format.

Note: The "Prefers styled" attribute in the address book entries overrides the above setting. Also, if anyone in the "To:" field has the attribute set then the message defaults to styled (you can change it by de-selecting the styled command button in the compose window).

I'm not sure about your second problem but try testing after the above change is made and see if it makes any difference.