Poco Filter FAQ - How do I create a filter to save outgoing mail?

Q:Can I create a rule to filter all messages I send to someone to a particular mailbox? For instance, could I create a rule to move all my outgoing emails to John Doe to the John Doe mailbox?
To create a filter on outgoing mail:
  1. Open the "Options" window by selecting "Options" from the "Tool" menu or by pressing Shift+F7.
  2. Select the "Drag and Drop Settings" tab.
  3. Make sure the "Auto create a filter that will" box is checked.
  4. Select "Move mail..." rather than "Copy mail..."
  5. Make sure the filter is run on "All outgoing mail"
  6. Close the "Options" window.
  7. In the "Mailbox" pane, navigate to the folder you want to store the mail in.
  8. Navigate to the address book containing the entry for "John Doe".
  9. Drag the entry from the address book to the folder, Poco will automatically create a filter for you.