Poco Mail Composition FAQ - Plain text messages

Q: Can Poco post plain text messages? I am using a 30-day trial and cannot figure out how to do so. Several people with older software claim they cannot read my messages.
Poco can send either HTML or Plain Text messages. You can change the settings when you are composing an email by clicking on the "Styled" button at the top of the form. If the formatting toolbar is displayed (it has font selection, bold, italics, underline, ... controls) then you are using styled (HTML format) email, if the toolbar is not displayed then you are using plain text.

You can also set the default for this from the "Program Options" window. To do this:

  1. Open the "Program Options" menu (Tools->Options or by pressing Shift+F7).
  2. Select the "Default Body Format" pane under "Sending Mail"
  3. Click on the "Always use this format:" option and select "Just Plain" from the drop down box.
  4. Close the form by pressing "Ok".
You will still be able to change the format for an individual message by pressing the "Styled" button in the compose window.