Poco General FAQ - Sorting messages by subject

Q: When I receive messages, there maybe several that are related to one message. Say the Subject line of message is: "Bragg, looking for"

All messages relating to that message the Subject line would be "Re: Bragg, looking for"

Now with many mesages in one mail box, and I want to sort on subject, I would want the related messages Re: to sort by the subject after them, so they would be under original messages.

Way things are now, all the Re's are sorted under "R". Can't keep things straight that way.

There are a couple of ways you can achieve this. The first and simplest is by using message threading. To turn this on select "Thread Index Display" from the "Tools" menu or press the "T" button at the far right side of the message index toolbar.

The second method is to use the "Show only bar" as follows:

  1. Right click on the message you are interested in
  2. Select "Show only this thread" from the popup menu.
The message index display will now be filtered to show only those messages with that subject line, with or without "Re:". To show all messages again just select "all mail" from the Show Only bar at the top of the index.