Poco Reading Mail FAQ - Suppressing sound alerts for selected messages

Q: I have Poco set to play a custom sound when new mail arrives. There are some items that I want to suppress the sound alert for. I am currently filtering these items to their individual mailboxes. Is there any way to suppress the custom sound alert for them? (I've tried using a script to filter them but the sound file is still played). (In my case I cannot use separate account files to achieve this, at least not any way I've thought of so far).
Go to Mailbox Properties and check "Suppress Notification." Note that this will also mean that new mail filtered to that mailbox will not be included in the PocoConsole or New Mail overviews of new mail. If you want mail listed in these overviews but not to trigger the sound, then follow the instructions for Poco 2, below.
Suppress the mail alert sound for each of your accounts in the Account Setup window, then create a PlaySound script using the PlaySound script command. Place this script at the bottom of your filters.

Since you are moving messages into mailboxes and those are the messages you want to suppress the sound for, you can add a script to run on incoming mail, place it at the bottom of the list to only do PlaySound command. When a message is moved, Poco will not continue processing the message and hence won't play the sound, as long as it's disabled in Accounts Setup.


  1. While this technique works it does not provide a solution if you want to play sound alerts for messages that have been processed by filters and/or scripts. For scripts it is relatively straight forward to add the "PlaySound" command or insert a similar action in your filters, just make sure it is above any filter action that moves the message to a different folder, deletes it or issues the "Stop processing" action.
  2. The PlaySound script would look something like this:
    PlaySound "User"
    This would play the custom sound you have defined in the Miscellaneous Program Settings.
  3. If, in the future, you add additional filters where you want to suppress the sound alert in the future you will have to move those filters above the PlaySound script.
  4. This technique can trigger multiple sound alerts rather than the single one Poco normally plays when new mail arrives.