Poco General FAQ - Moving Poco to a New Computer

Q: I have just purchased a new computer and I want to move Poco with all it's address books, folders, scripts, settings, etc. What files do I need to copy?
Download and install Poco (and PocoBot, if you use it) on your new computer. Then copy the following files and folders:
  • *.ini from the Poco folder.
  • *.enc from the Poco folder (if they exist).
  • The Address folder
  • The Attach folder
  • The Mail folder and all subfolders
  • The Scripts folder and all subfolders
  • The Signatures folder
  • The Users folder and any folders beneath it.

Launch Poco and go into the Options page to reset things like the backup directory and virus scanner location (if the configuration on your new machine is different from that on my old one). You should also check the directory settings in Options/Directories. You may also have to change the PocoBot settings and allow both through your firewall again.