Poco FAQ - Printing multiple messages

Printing multiple messages

Q: In my line of work I need to print hard copies of dozens of orders that are e-mailed to me every day. It gets tedious selecting each message and printing it individually. Is there some way to select a group of messages and print them? I can select a group of messages and click the print button, but it only prints the open message, not all of them.
This is simple to do via scripting:

Create a script (Tools->Scripts or press F9) with the following command:

PrintMessage %message
Give the script a name and save it.

  • Select the messages you want to print and then open the "Scripts" window again.
  • Select the script in the "Script name" combo box near the top of the window and press the "Run on Selected Messages" button.
Once you are satisfied this is working you can save yourself several steps by assigning the script to one of the Poco buttons. Now to print your messages all you need do is select the message(s) and press the appropriate button.