PocoScript FAQ - Running a script on startup

Q: What is the syntax for running a script when you start the Poco mail program? (I'm not referring to scripts that run automatically when mail is received, I want to generate a script from a separate program. This script will initiate an email.)
In addition to the /r startup switch described below, Poco 3 has an "OnStartup" event. Unfortunately there is a bug in all builds up to and including 1655 which prevents scripts from being run in response to this event.

Use the "/r" parameter, it should be used like this:

Poco will run the passed script upon start-up. The script name should not include the file extension (.poc) and if it contains a space should be in quotation marks, i.e. the shortcut target field would look like this:

"c:\program files\Poco.exe" /r "My New Script"

Click here for a sample script that generates a message and leaves it in the compose window.

Here are some instructions for configuring the Poco icon on your desktop to run a particular script every time you start Poco.