Poco Script FAQ - Copying a script from the registered users area

Q: How to I copy a script from the registered users area on the poco website?
To copy the script to your system:
  1. Access the registered users area of the Poco website. You will need your Poco registration code to access this site. Get it by opening the "License Info..." window from the "Help" menu. The registration code will be highlighted when you open the window. Right click on the code and select "Copy".
  2. Select the "Scripts" item from the menu at the top of the Extras area.
  3. Press the name of the script in the script list, this will open the source of the script in your browser.
  4. Select "Save As" from the file menu.
  5. Navigate to the "Script" directory beneath your "Poco" directory and save the file there.
If you frequently want to run this script against mail you are viewing then you can assign the script to a button.