What shortcut keys are available in Poco?

Q: What shortcut keys are available in Poco?
Note: This is only a partial list. The list was originally constructed from version 2.1 of Poco. As far as I am aware all these keys continue to work through Poco 2.6 and 3.0 (if anyone finds out differently then please let me know). Most of the following keys work in both the main poco window and the message window.

Check for new mailCtrl-m
Compose new messageCtrl-n
Execute custom button functionCtrl-{Button number}
For example, to execute the function associated with custom button number 2 use Ctrl-2 (for button 10 use Ctrl-0)
Delete message (saving to trash)Ctrl-d
Delete message (without saving to trash)Ctrl+Shift+Del
Find messageCtrl-f
Forward messageCtrl-w
Jump to next windowCtrl-F6
Mark Unread:Ctrl-[
Mark Read:Ctrl-]
Minimize Poco to the taskbarAlt+Space, n
Open context windowMenu key ()
Open message in full message windowEnter
Print current messageCtrl-p
Reply to a messageCtrl-r
Reply to all:Ctrl-Shift-R
Save message as a text fileCtrl-s
Scroll message down (moves to next topic when at end of message in threaded mode or to next message when not threaded)Space bar
Scroll message up (moves to previous topic when at end of message in threaded mode or to previous message when not threaded)Shift space
Send queued messagesCtrl-y
Start a new messageCtrl-n
Toggle download images settingShift F10
Toggle "Last Check Mail Status" and message preview windowCtrl-F12
View Messages on ServerCtrl-K
View Next Message:Alt-RightArrow
View Next Unread Message:Alt-N
View Previous Message:Alt-LeftArrow

Compose Window Shortcut Keys

The following shortcut keys can be used within the Poco Compose window:

Clean up text Ctrl+L Acts on all or the selected portion of the message removing extraneous spaces, reflowing the text and re-assigning the colours based on the reply level.
Insert signature Ctrl+G Inserts the signature corresponding with the account anywhere in the text at your cursor, regardless of whether or not the sigature pane is active.
Quote text Ctrl+] Adds one level of quoting to the selected portion of the message and changes the colour to match the reply level.
Toggle signature Ctrl+Alt+S Toggles the signature pane on and off without actually disabling it.
UnQuote text Ctrl+[ Removes one level of quoting from the selected portion of the message and changes the colour to match the reply level.

Mailbox List Pane Navigation

The only keyboard navigation that Poco supports for the mailbox list pane is the arrow keys and a few keys to move to pre-defined mailboxes. Use the up/down arrows to move up and down the list of mailboxes, the right arrow key will open a folder while the left arrow key will close a folder or move to the next higher level folder if you are positioned on a closed folder.

The following shortcuts are available for opening specific mailboxes:
Additional custom assignments can be made using the "Mailboxes and Menus" tab of the "Program Options" window. This allows you to set up to 5 additional mailboxes for quick navigation via shortcuts.

Mailbox Index Pane Navigation

Within the mailbox index pane the up/down arrows can be used to move from message to message while the right arrow key will open a collapsed thread and the left arrow key will close an open thread (only works from a parent message). If you are deep within a threaded message pressing the left arrow key repeatedly will move back up the chain closing the threads as you go.

Message Window Shortcut Keys

Close message windowAlt-F4