Poco Printing FAQ - Adding headers to the printed output

Q: I went to print a email yesterday only to find that I could not print the message headers and all. All I could get is a nicely formatted document. Could you add a switch to allow printing headers on headers off?
Here's how to print full headers at the top of your email message:

  1. Go to the "File" menu and select "Edit Print Template...". (Prior to Poco 2.6 use select the command from the "EMail" menu).
  2. When the Print Template pops up, highlight the default headers and delete them. Type " %headers% " without the quote marks. In order to have the headers print in a larger or smaller font size, or a different font, highlight " %headers% " and then use the toolbar font options.
  3. Print
The above setup will print full headers. If you prefer, you may select which headers you want printed. Here's the print template I use:
From: %sender% <%from%> 
Subject: %header%:"Subject" 
Date: %sent% 
To: %to% 
CC: %cc% 
BCC: %header%:"X-Bcc" 
Mailer: %header%:"X-Mailer" 
If you don't want any headers printed at all, simply delete everything except the %body% and %attachments% tags.

You can also configure the template to print annotations if you use them.