Poco Composing FAQ - Quick Access to Favourite Correspondents

Q: It would be REALLY useful if there was a way of sending an email to one of a small band of absolute favourite correspondees without having to go through bringing up the address book and scrolling down the list and doubleclicking on the name. One person I email every day is in the 'W' section (Whyte) - and yes I realise I 'could' change his entry to start with 'a_Whyte' but...

I would love to have either a drop-pull down menu item in the topmost menu or on the toolbar with a selectable group of five or six favourite correspondee email addresses?

Make your favourite correspondents VIP's by right clicking on their entry in your address book and selecting "Make VIP".

If you right click in the To field of the compose window you have a list of the favorites (VIP) that can be inserted. (This is also supported for the CC and BCC fields).