Poco Replying FAQ - What is the QuoteBar?

Q: The list of Poco 3's new features includes something called a "QuoteBar." What is that?
The Quote Bar allows you to view the message to which you're replying above your composition window. When you select text in the QB, it is quoted, formatted and inserted into your reply window. To see the QB, do the following:
  1. Reply or Forward a message.
  2. Look at the horizontal line separating the headers from the message body. Do you see the splitter button in the middle? Click on it and the Quote Bar will open up. Once the QB is open, you can resize it by dragging the splitter bar.
  3. Highlight text in the QB. The text you highlight in the QB will be inserted, quoted & formatted!
Tip: When I started using the QB, I decided to turn off automatic quoting of the original message in my replies (Options/Sending Mail/Quoting). But that also meant that I lost the reply header, the line that says "On %date%, %sender% wrote:". As of this writing, the QB doesn't include a reply header.

In the meantime, you can use a manual workaround. Use Message Auto-Complete to insert a header anywhere. The shortcut might be "who" or "rh," for example, and the replacement text could be anything you like; a brief one would be "%sender% wrote:"

Would you prefer to use other variables than %sender% or %date%? Check out the list of Common Variable Tags.