Poco Reading FAQ - Retreiving deleted messages

Q: If I've accidentally deleted an email from the Trash bin, is there any way to retrieve it or is it gone for good?
You might still have the message on your disk drive. Close PocoMail and look at Trash.mbx and Trash.~mbx using Notepad or something. If your message is in one of those files, then do the following:
  1. Close PocoMail
  2. Using Windows Explorer in your PocoMail mail folder, copy Trash.* to C:\
  3. Go back to your PocoMail mail folder. Delete Trash.idx and Trash.~idx. Note that I said to delete the IDX files, not the MBX files.
  4. If you only found the message in your .~mbx file, then copy Trash.~mbx to Trash.mbx (answer "Yes" to the prompt).
  5. Start PocoMail, select the Trash mailbox, then compress it.
Your message might re-appear. Note that if you decode attachments when you download messages, then you probably won't be able to recover the attachment, unless it's still in your Attachments folder.

After you're happy with everything, then you can delete the backup copies of Trash.* that you put in C:\