Poco General FAQ - Deleting headers inserted by SpamAssassin

Q: My ISP (much to my chagrin) has implemented SpamAssassin (not telling anyone, and testing it on the live system... and causing me no end of grief) which is now placing a whole slew of header entries in my emails (like I really want this garbage added to MY email!).
Download the CleanHeaders script from the registered users area. I advise testing the script by running it against a copy of a mailbox.

The script can be run on incoming or selected messages. The script operates by reading a file of headers to be deleted. If this file does not exist when the script is first run the script will create it using the SpamAssassin headers as the default. These headers can be changed using the script setup function.


  • If the headers appear more than once in a message only one occurence will be deleted.