Poco Replying FAQ - Replying to Styled Messages

Q:How do I preserve styling when replying to a message? I would like to preserve the original sender's font/styles in the quoted HTML. This does not seem to be possible with PocoMail, unless I'm missing something. Whenever I reply to an HTML message, the quoted reply takes on my composition preferences. Is this by design? Is there a way to specify my preferences for a new message, but yet maintain the format of the original message when replying/quoting back?
Re quoting of text while preserving formatting: when quoting text with a ">" character, Poco reflows it and colours it. This is the reason formatting is stripped when doing this. Now, you can reply and quote styled text: go to Options > Message Text Quoting > and uncheck "Insert quote-character(s)...". You will lose the quoting character, but the complete text will be quoted with styling.