Poco General FAQ - Resending messages

Q: Any possibility of a 'send' or 're-send' button/option added to sent emails?
There are several ways you can accomplish this. Use any of the scripts listed below or:
  • Select the message in Sent mailbox, go to Message menu and choose Edit Message; then just Send (this is like Send Again in Eudora).
  • Drag and drop the message to Out mailbox, and Send Queued (haven't tested this, but it should work).

Script based solutions

To use these solutions you will first need to create a script. If you frequently need to re-send messages you may want to assign the script to a button.

Edit the message

This option allows for insertion of additional recipients, removal of some recipients or addiing additional information:

EditMessage %message

Queue the message

AppendToFile True
SaveMessage %message Out.mbx

Send the message immediately

SendMessage %messsage

Prompting for method

The following script is an amalgamation of the prior three, it will prompt you for the method you wish to use to re-send the message. An extended version of this script is available from the registered users area on the Poco website. See this article for information on copying scripts from the registered users area.

InputBox $answer "Which resend method would you like to use?%var%" "Edit|Queue|Send"
LowerCase $answer
If $answer = "edit" Then Edit
If $answer = "queue" Then Queue
If $answer = "send" Then Send
EditMessage %message
AppendToFile True
SaveMessage %message "Out.mbx"
SendMessage %message


With all the options listed (except the EditMessage options) the message will be resent to ALL original recipients. The EditMessage option will pre-fill the "To:", "CC:" and "BCC:" fields with all the original recipients but you have the option to edit these before the message is sent.