Poco Replying FAQ - Same reply to every message in mailbox

Q:Is there a way to send the same reply to a whole mailbox full of messages? I do not have all the addresses in my address book, and probably don't want them all in there. Just want to reply to all the messages. Is there a filter or script that would do this?
While there isn't a filter or script I know of, there is a fairly simple way to do this...

First, launch the compose window and compose the reply you want to send to everyone. Save this message as a template. Next open the mailbox that has the messages that you want to reply to. Click in the mailbox index pane and press Ctrl+A to select all the messages. From the "Message" menu select "Reply with Template" and choose the template you just created.


  1. This technique will result in multiple messages to the same sender if that person has sent you multiple messages and they are all in this folder.
  2. You can use the "Show only" bar in conjuction with this technique to filter the messages that you reply to.